Who We are?



 SOMRAR -NGO-was founded 15 April 2018, a group of community development workers consist of men and women who are living in Somaliland, particularly, those involving social development projects for a long time, their experience brought to come together and study the whole situation of the country and recognized that there are thousands of problems having the community which is concerned by civil war broke out the country that inherited destruction for all the property of the society and the country.


  1. Livestock Improvement
  2. Water, Sanitation and hygiene promotion.
  3. Non-Formal Education
  4. Health
  5. Child and Women  Right Protection
  6. Environment Protection
  7. Poor people’s job creation & youth  mentor
  8. Women & youth empowerment
  9. IDPs protection


SOMRAR will concentrate its human resource energy and property as to develop the vulnerable Community in Income generation.


SOMRAR will struggle for improve based human needs throughout Somaliland. Mostly SOMRAR focuses on Poor and Vulnerable Community in urban and rural area, IDPs and returnees both in cities and rural areas.


The objectives of the Community are:

  1. To Improve  Pastoralist and Livestock in Rural Areas
  2. To Empowerment and development the skills of Poor Women in IDPs and women access to political participation with in their communities.
  3. To undertake rehabilitation, reconstruction and   development Programs for Community  development 
  4.  To Under studies / assessment and that data collection to know Community particularly Community Needs
  5.  Encourage, support, and seek funding for the local initiatives of the communities in all Somaliland.
  6. To assist vulnerable community.

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